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Follow-up Activities
In order to maintain close ties with former participants after their return to their home countries, KOICA sends them publications and course-related materials. In case of a change in home or work address, participants should inform KOICA by e-mail ( or mail.

KOICA is willing to help former participants organize alumni associations in countries where there are greater number of alumni to exchange information and maintain friendship. KOICA also plans to conduct follow-up workshops designed to help review how technical skills acquired in the KOICA Training Program have proven useful in their country and to further strengthen friendship and promote international cooperation.

For more information, please contact the Korean Embassy or KOICA Overseas Office in your country, or address any correspondences to :

The International Cooperation Training Center(ICTC), KOICA
#304 Yumgok-dong, Seocho-ku, Seoul, Korea
Tel : (82-) 3460-6114, 5800, 5900
Fax : 571-4593
E-mail :